N-Blend Boilies

The ultimate nut bait, DT Baits N-Blend Boilies contain an enormous amount of high quality, coarse ground tiger nut meal, calf milk replacer and other sources of protein. To this, we then add a combination of roasted nut and condensed milk flavourings which are enhanced with our Milk B Plus palatant to create a nut based boilie with a wonderfully round, nutty aroma.

It’s no secret that all carp love tiger nuts and most nuts for that matter. However, looking through the number of carp that have been caught using our N-Blend Boilies, it’s fairly safe to say they are rather partial to them too. One of the best boilies for the spring and summer, they really seem to come into their own once the fish have woken from their winter torpor and have begun to feed more regularly with the rising of the water temperatures.

An excellent all-rounder for use in longer baiting campaigns or as a change-bait for use on waters that have been dominated by fishmeals, DT Baits N-Blend Boilies are certainly one of the most consistent carp baits we’ve ever produced.

1kg Shelf life, 5kg or 10kg - Frozen and Shelf Life

Feed Hygiene Reg No: GB/108R/1763 Animal By Product Reg No: 13/377/8001/ABP/OTHER
Analytical Analysis Moisture 25.4% Protein 17.1% Fat 13.6%  Ash 2.4% Crude Fibre 2.8% Composition Tigernut meal, maize flour, soya flour, red breadcrumb, semolina,  calf milk, egg products, preservatives and carp attractants
NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION Do not feed to ruminants

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The best boilies I've ever used!!