Welcome to the DT Bait Developments website.

DT is a brand for accomplished carp anglers. The brand is chosen by many because of its quality and 29 years of expertise in formulating, producing and rigorously testing baits. 
We know of no other carp bait that costs as much to produce, or which has such an unwavering commitment to quality. DT invest in the product, not in marketing campaigns, so you get the highest quality products available.

We aim to make this site as useful as possible for the committed carp angler – with sections on the science of carp nutrition, and bait detection, which helps understand how to gain that edge.

And we have partnered with MetCheck to provide their industry leading meteorological data for your upcoming fishing trip.​

We let the product do the talking, and hope that you will enjoy the experience of choosing and using some excellent baits from this web site.

Keep coming back to the site - over time the offer will expand to cover the wider range of products we produce.

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