Critically balanced, DT Baits matched wafters have been developed to offer the perfect combination of boilie and a pop up. Ideal for fishing clear spots over gravel or light silt, our wafters counter-balance the weight of the hook allowing the hookbait to behave in a manner which more closely resembles a free offering. Slower sinking for improved presentation, our wafters can be fished as singles or over a bed of boilies where they become very difficult for the carp to recognise and avoid.

DT Baits wafters are made using a combination of matched boilie base mix and our microsphere-free, natural pop up mix. We then add the exact same flavours and attractors found within the relevant partner boilies to ensure the carp find them just as attractive. All of our wafters are available in one size only which can be sunk by a size 6 hook and range of subtle washed out colours that reflect the matching bottom baits once they have been immersed in the water.