The Business

Tom McGregor (MD)
Tom has been associated with fishing for as long as he can remember. He has run a number of business interests over the years - from property to fishing tackle, but his lifelong passion for carp fishing and carp bait led him first to an association with DT Bait Developments and ultimately, when the opportunity arose, to own and run it. He is now able and determined to focus all his skills on making the best carp bait in the country.

Neil Messenger
Neil and DT Bait are intertwined – he has worked in DT for over a decade and helped develop the baits to what they are today. As Head Bait Technologist, he brings unparalleled skill and experience to formulating and processing world beating baits. He has an intuitive understanding of carp fishing and bait, and is a sound source of advice to any anglers who seeks his help.

Brett McGregor
When Tom took the reins of DT, Brett was excited about its reputation and wanted to bring some of his experience to help build the company. He is a fisherman, but his real value is bringing sound business thinking - as he says "look after your customers, your people, and excel in what you do... in this competitive world, nothing short of your best is good enough".