What an awesome company. Pleasure to deal with and very speedy helpful service What other company can you speak to the boss and get first class advice - wicked. DT - the one to watch
Been using DT Baits on an off for many years but always come back to DT. Love it and total confidence in the bait.
Top bait started using the N-blend this year and the results have been great landing my first UK 40 with it ! Confidence in a bag, would not use anything else now !!!
Made my own hook baits for over 25 years but for the last 12 years I've been using the Beasty I've had over 500 kippers with plenty of pigs a top bait not to be over looked
Get on the DT! it makes me look like a good angler :)
Bought some howler boilies and they bomb!! Had about 4 fish in an hour session!! Why didn't anyone tell me about these earlier - a brilliant bait
I went to France for a week with oily chicken puka fish. What a result I caught 40 carp. 3=40s 6=30s 26=20s 4=under 20 so don't leave England without them TOP BAIT
I've been on dt for 3 months now and I've had my first uk 30 and 40 on it - cant beat the DT get on it
I first used DT bait 10 years ago and have never looked back
Changed a few years ago never looked back Pucker stuff
Would never use anything else pukka
43lb caught on fbo
D.T Bait simply stunning!!!!!
These guys know their stuff Head and shoulders above the rest - get on DT:) If you haven't tried DT, try it now - it's out on its own Most companies beat us up on price - DT beat us up on quality
At an exhibition having bought DT flavours....'Good luck Ron' - answer: 'With these baits I don't need luck' Ron Buss
Everybody else puts their money in to gimmicks and promotions - DT put it where it matters - by the hook
Bait of the future - so many class fish on this
That fish blood and orange - man it bangs - 47 first time out
Ever since I have got onto using dt baits my fishing has completely changed !! Absolutely amazing bait !!!
DT is just awesome - my only regret is that I didn't get to it sooner.
I wanted to say what a great service you offer your custumers, next day free delivery and a great bait choice. Thank you to all at DT bait developments. Bob
The products have already changed my angling, and already I'm having my best year's fishing using them. So again thanks a lot :)
Hi guys just like to a big thank you to Tom and Brett and the rest of the team for the wonderful work they do at DT. I've been using Supa Fruit and Pukka fish peach and sour cream now for about 6 months these are the best baits in the market by far. I am so impressed, and so are the fish - just bagged my English Pb 38 mirror and while I was writing this email I just bagged this 25/4 what more can I say. Apart from quality, absolute quality!