Supa Fruit Stick Mix

Supa Fruit  stick mix contains exactly the same flavours, nutrients and attractors used in the matching bottom bait, with added Red Salmon Oil BPC and a balanced inclusion of neutral and buoyant particles....All this goes towards the stick mix actively dispersing in to a cloud around the bottom bait. PVA friendly so you can use it in bags with the hook bait or include in loose feed.

2Kg Available in 5 litre bait bucket
5Kg Available in 10 litre bait bucket

Feed Hygiene Reg No: GB/108R/1763 Animal By Product Reg No: 13/377/8001/ABP/OTHER
Analytical Analysis Moisture 8.8% Protein 13.9% Fat 15.5%  Ash 3.2% Crude Fibre 1.3% Composition CLO, whey,Soya flour, rice flour, bakery ingredients and carp attractants
NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION Do not feed to ruminants

Price From: £8.49

Supa Fruit 5KG Overnighter Bundle

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Supa Fruit 10KG Session Bundle

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