DT Baits PVA Stick Mixes have been developed to be exceedingly versatile and are perfect for use in both mesh and solid PVA bags. Each mix has been formulated to be highly mobile within the water column, and once the containing PVA starts to dissolve and the stick or bag bursts open, the more buoyant particles naturally spread to create a cloud around the hookbait, carrying the included flavours and attractors over a wider area.

All of our Stick Mixes contain a very small amount of an all-season, ultra-refined nut oil to ensure that they can be used straight from the bag. However, for those that like to customise or make their own bag or stick mixes, each Stick Mix will take on additional liquid foods and flavourings as required. Beside their uses in PVA sticks and bags, some other great applications include adding them to method mixes, soaked particles or spod mixes, or even dusting them over glugged boilies for something a little different.

Available in an assortment of flavours to compliment our range of baits, each of our Stick Mixes contain exactly the same natural flavours, feed stimulants and nutrients used in the production of our boilies.

Stick Mixes