DT Baits Carp Fishing Pellets are available in a variety of flavours to match our boilies and are both extremely soluble and highly attractive. Perfect for use in PVA bag and stick mixes, spod and method mixes, or even for baiting intimate marginal spots with a catapult, once introduced to the water, they slowly sink to the lakebed and begin to release attraction from the moment they begin to break down.

Arguably some of the best quality carp pellets available today, the highly soluble nature of our pellets make them a go-to choice for drawing carp into the area without the risk of overfeeding them. Excellent for use on more commercial fisheries or trickier venues where the carp have learned to feed cautiously over large beds of boilies, DT Baits Carp Pellets are a great choice for triggering a voracious feeding response.