DT Baits Lump Liquid is a blend of ultra refined, natural nut oils that carp find highly attractive and has been developed as a PVA friendly, all round liquid food bait that can be used to improve hookbaits, pellets, particles and groundbaits alike.

Differing from our flavour matched boilie dips which act more to trigger the carps feeding response, Lump Liquid acts on the carp’s hard-wired need to seek out food sources which are of benefit to them, holding feeding fish over the baited area until all of bait has been consumed and the oils dispersed.

Unlike some oil based carp bait additives, the exclusive, highly refined oils contained within our Lump Liquid are of the very lightest viscosity, meaning they continue to be both mobile and digestible, even at the lowest of water temperatures, making Lump Liquid a true all-season, liquid carp bait additive.

As Lump Liquid is natural in both colour and odour, it can also be combined with any of our boilie flavours to create a match with any of our boilie or hookbait ranges, providing the angler a number of customisable attractor packages and another real edge.

Lump Liquid