These floater packs have been put together enabling the angler to be prepared at short notice. Each pack comes in a 10 litre bait bucket ensuring your ready to go should the fish start feeding on the surface.

Flavours available :-

- Supa Fruit
- N Blend
- Oily chicken
- Peach & Sour Cream
- Fish, Blood & Orange

Each pack contains the following :-
- 3kg premium floating pellets
- 250ml Floater Slick
- 60g Matching Hookable Hook Baits
- 10 Litre Bait Bucket

Simply pour the floater slick over the pellets using as much or little as you prefer. When the free offerings are introduced to the water the slick will move across the water surface sending out maximum attraction while small particle will fall through the water layers attracting passing fish up to the surface. Side hook a hook bait and cast to your area and watch the fish home in and start mopping up the bait.


Price: £24.99

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