Team DT

Peder Lichtenberg - Consultant

Peder runs one of Denmark's leading fishing retail businesses and organises fishing trips to France, Germany and other countries for specimen carp hunters. As a valued consultant he brings a fantastic European big-carp perspective to DT.
Peder says: "The quality is second to none and I have total confidence, landing numerous Danish and French lumps on DT products. Usually I will use the Coldwater mix for my fishing in March - April through to mid-May and then I will switch over to N-Blend or the awesome Pukka Fish mix with any of the proven flavour combinations until November then I will switch back to the Coldwater mix with Green Beast.
Home or on the continent I will always have a DT boilie on my rig - then I only have to worry about where to place it."

Neil Messenger - Consultant

Known as the 'The Awesome One' he has a reputation for doing what is right - both in making bait and using it to good effect in the fish he catches - with many high 40's to his name, and with a 50 pounder in his sights.

Neil is a stickler for doing what is right, believing that anything associated with his name should be the best in class. As Head Bait Technologist, Neil has accumulated 14 years expertise in formulation and production, and every bait DT Bait Developments produces is the result of his high standards.

Andrew Murray - Consultant

Andrew has an impressive CV over the years not only winning the first ever BCAC  with Keith in 1999 at Horseshoe Lake. The following year Andrew had his first book published (Catch Carp with Andy Murray). In 2001 Mitch and Andy won the European Carp Challenge at Fishabil, where they set two world records at that time. Andrew had many articles published in Carp talk, Crafty Carper and other carp magazines for a number of years and still writes today.
Not only do you find Andrew fishing prolific day ticket waters in the UK he also travels around Europe chasing carp from some very special venues.

Terry Bell - Consultant

Terry has been chasing carp for 30 years and gets great enjoyment chasing the true english fish with plenty of character. You will find Terry on the bank throughout the year as he doesn't get phased or put of with the drop in temperatures during the winter months.

You may of heard of Terry before if you have read Rob Maylins book "A history of Yateley" volume 3 as he was invited to write a section and even appeared on the back cover.
Another skill Terry gets involved with is photography and video work, watch out for his work.

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