Tom McGregor (MD)

Since his teens Tom has developed his own baits, some of which produced great results, some of which didn’t. But he always returned to DT bait and with that, went on to catch high 40’s – and hopes that a UK 50 is just a matter of time. Tom has been a bailiff in France, and fished UK waters extensively.

Above all, Tom values DT’s reputation and product quality, and is renowned for his uncompromising standards.

Neil Messenger

Known as the 'The Awesome One' he has a reputation for doing what is right - both in making bait and using it to good effect in the fish he catches - with many high 40's to his name, and with a 50 pounder in his sights.

Neil is a stickler for doing what is right, believing that anything associated with his name should be the best in class. As Head Bait Technologist, Neil has accumulated 14 years expertise in formulation and production, and every bait DT Bait Developments produces is the result of his high standards.

Martin Pick

Martin has one of the most enviable records to his name, with many English 50's. He is one of the most knowledgeable of carp fishermen and dedicates much of every week to specimen hunting. He brings vital feedback to the company with his vast knowledge of the venues he has fished during his time, and on top of this is a regular columnist in the magazines and the Korda website.

Glen Maulkerson

Glen has a prodigious carp cv - for decades he has consistently caught quality fish. He doesn't seek the limelight but instead puts his energies into helping DT in recipe development and rigorous bank side trials. A long time DT user, his favourite baits are the Pukka Fish mix with Oily Chicken or during the winter the Coldwater Mix with Green Beast.

Glen loves getting out on the bank in even the harshest of conditions and a winter brace of January forties (a Common and a Leather) must feature as a career highlight!

Peder Lichtenberg

Peder runs one of Denmark's leading fishing retail businesses and organises fishing trips to France, Germany and other countries for specimen carp hunters. As a valued consultant he brings a fantastic European big-carp perspective to DT.
Peder says: "The quality is second to none and I have total confidence, landing numerous Danish and French lumps on DT products. Usually I will use the Coldwater mix for my fishing in March - April through to mid-May and then I will switch over to N-Blend or the awesome Pukka Fish mix with any of the proven flavour combinations until November then I will switch back to the Coldwater mix with Green Beast.
Home or on the continent I will always have a DT boilie on my rig - then I only have to worry about where to place it."

Paul Bocking

Paul is an accomplished carp angler (with a UK PB of 54lb 15oz), and brings skills of great value to DT and its anglers. Paul is Chair of Fisheries Management for the Chelmsford Angling Association - looking after a team of over 30 bailiffs. DT and the CAA have a long relationship managed by Paul, and work closely in carp fishing and our chosen charity Essex Air Ambulance, for whom we have collectively raised many thousands of pounds. Paul not only manages Team DT, but also our IT and provides excellent photography - much of which is on this site!

Arron Newport

Many people think that Arron is a full time angler, when in fact he works over 40 hours a week, but he crams in as much time on the bank as possible while dividing his spare time with his other half. He has to make the most of his time on the bank as normally they're only short sessions. He is a very mobile angler, and will move on the slightest ripple from a carp, he believes his best attribute is water craft. Arron has been fishing since he was 4 with his dad. He started off fishing for silvers or anything that tugged his line then slowly progressed onto targeting species like carp and tench, then pike/perch and trout as well, but nothing took hold of him more than carp...

Arron's passion for carp is different to most modern anglers, he doesn't spend his time chasing the biggest carp in the land, but prefers to chase old carp - something with a bit of history. It doesn't matter to him if it's a high double as long as it's a stunner but, of course, big old carp are even better.

What drives his passion is the history of our sport and those historic carp that go along with it.