Over the past few years at DT Baits, we have noticed an increased number of anglers contacting us looking for bulk boilie deals. So, to cater for this demand, we have now added a selection of boilie bundle packs to our website which include everything required to see the modern carp angler through those longer sessions.

Available in both 5KG overnighter and 10KG session bundles; and as both freezer boilies and shelf-life boilies, the overnighter bundle contains a bottle of matching DT DNA, a pot of matched popups and a 1KG bag of pellets made to match the chosen bottom baits. The session bundle also contains all of the above, but also includes a pot of high attract, hardened hookbaits to ensure that all angling situations are covered.

Because each bundle is available including either shelf-life, or freezer baits, the angler now has a choice between the two dependent upon their requirements. This means our shelf-life boilie bundles make a great deal of sense for any angler that is looking to buy boilies in bulk prior to a planned angling holiday by removing the need to air-dry large quantities of bait prior to leaving. Conversely, our freezer bait bundles are ideal for the weekend angler looking to buy a larger quantity of bait for an upcoming session. Either way, all of  our boilie bundles contain the same quality products found throughout the site, the only difference being the price.

Bundle Packs