Boilie Flavours

DT Baits Boilie Flavours have earned a reputation for being some of the purest and most concentrated liquid flavours ever produced and have set the bar in boilie flavourings for many years now.  Each of the flavours within our range is either human grade, nature identical, or has been produced to a pharmaceutical standard, making them of the highest quality achievable.

Perfect for anyone wishing to make tailored boilies, pop ups or wafters to their own recipe, or for anybody wanting to make any of our range of boilies or hookbaits at home, each flavour is contained within a glass bottle to alleviate contamination from plastic and features a label detailing the optimum inclusion level, making it easy to produce perfect carp baits every time.

Something to consider for anyone needing to create their own unique flavour and attractor package is that it often helps to create 'flavour synergies' by combining two flavours from opposite ends of the spectrum: sharp and soft, creamy and astringent, savoury and fruit. By doing this, all the carp's flavour receptors are activated and the impact increased.

Boilie Flavours