Pukka Fish Peach and Sour Cream Base mix

This is a classic 'big fish' combination. Made with original Haithes Robin Red, a high inclusion of South American fishmeal, calf milk replacer, and green lipped mussel. This is a coarsely textured basemix which encourages flavour leakage and speed of digestive transit. It's full of goodies, which is ideal for making an instantly attractive summer bait, which will also become a long term food bait that they will keep coming back for.

To make Peach & Sour Cream loose feed, use 5ml of Peach and 3ml of Sour Cream per kilo.
To make special hookbaits, try adding 5ml of Peach and 3 ml of Sour Cream per egg.
THE ONE liquid food makes an excellent addition to boost the natural food signals of your hook bait.


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