N-Blend Base Mix

The ultimate nut bait. Enormous amount of tiger nut meal, milk and other proteins.

The flavour is a combination of roasted nut and condensed milk, enhanced by Milk B + to add a sweet creamy note.

Instantly atttractive, and an excellent change bait if your water has been dominated by fishmeals, or if you are bothered by crayfish.

Available in 1kg bags

Price From: £8.49

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N Blend base mix is a dream to roll and I can knock out 10kg of home rolled baits in what ever shape or size I want in a morning. It comes in clear polythene bags, so as soon as I get it I transfer it into a large bucket with a resalable lid. This keeps if fresh for ages, but makes it accessible. I always use a six egg mix then add my attractors, then I weigh out 850g of base mix and slowly add it to the eggs. To make the process a bit easier I brought a food processer for around 50.00 and this makes the whole mixing bit so much easier. Once all the base mix is thoroughly mixed with the liquids, if its still a bit tacky, I don't add more base mix, I just leave it to stand for ten to fifteen minutes. This is an advantage when making lots of bait, because it has time to soak up all the liquids while you make other dough balls. By the time I've got to mixing up the 5th the first is ready to go through the gun. Again, because I make lots of bait I found a small compressor and an air gun an awesome asset. I only put a mix of bait through the gun at one time, then I roll the sausages on my Gardner table. My Boiler is and electric chip pan I fill with water and my drying trays are plastic mushroom trays I get free from the local Chinese take away.So why do I roll my own baits??I can add little extra ingredients I think make a difference.I can roll any shape or size, and can mix them up to keep the fish off guard.I can roll and air dry un-boiled baits I can mix with freebies in the spom to add attraction to my swim. For every 10kg of base mix I get approximately 15kg of rolled baits.I get a huge satisfaction from catching fish on baits I made myself. After a lot of trial and error, rolling for myself I have found that D T base mixes are an absolute doddle to roll and come out perfect every time. I cant say the same for other base mixes I've found on line.Lastly, I would just like to note I have no connection with D T Baits other than I buy their home bait rolling ingredients and I pay full price. The reason I use their stuff is it works!!! If you want to start rolling your own baits, take out all the guess work and get D T to send you out 10kg of base mix and liquids.
Jonathan Lungley (Essex)