DT Baits Boilie Base Mixes are blended to create nutritional perfection and contain only the highest quality, human-grade ingredients. A perfect choice for the carp angler who wants to roll custom-made boilies, tailored to their own personal recipe, or for anyone that enjoys the satisfaction of catching carp on their own, homemade bait, DT Baits offer a range of high-quality boilie base mixes that have been developed and proven to catch carp.

The key to creating the highest quality boilie is a scientific understanding of the carp’s dietary requirements and the nutrients a carp needs to grow and maintain a healthy immune system at different times of the year. As the base mix ingredients form a fundamental foundation and provide the majority of the nutritional value found within a boilie, DT baits have worked with experts in the field of ichthyologic science to formulate a range of base mixes that contain only the finest ingredients making them highly digestible and nutritionally beneficial.

Identical to the base mixes used in the manufacture of our boilies, all that is required is the addition of eggs and the relevant liquids.
Base Mixes