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Update on the season so far

28/06/2021 - Tactics & Edges

So last month I wrote about the 2020/2021 season and how bad it had been to me and I ended the piece talking about the new syndicate lake I am targetting now and how stop start it had been on there so far.

Well, another little event happened in early May which kept me away from the park lake and that was the DT baits social at Berners Hall in Essex. DT @ Berners Article

I've already written about that so I won't ramble on too much about it suffice to say it was a great success and a really nice enjoyable session. If you haven't see that one then have a look on the webpage and be sure to check out our Youtube channel to see that video amoungst others. DT Baits YouTube

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet up with some of the other team members and a long overdue chance to fish with my mate Dan again. It was just the tonic I needed after the last years events because let's face it, we are social creatures and whilst we often pursue our goals alone, it's great to share time with friends and share the carp buzz together.

I returned to the lake once again, this time with my tail up and a renewed confidence after the events in Essex. On arrival I had a feeling I might know where some fish could be in the warmer weather and as I made my way around, I bumped into another member who was filming some carp just along from the swim I was headed to.

For Berners I had decided to infuse my Supafruit boilies in the matching DNA liquid and boiling water to maximise their attraction and I also had some of the same bait mashed with matching pellet as a
carpet feed, so I decided to stick with this and see how things went.

The approach was a very simple one, just a case of scattering around 50 of the infused boilies over an area the size of 2 ground sheets to a feature at 80 yards and two spombs of the mashed boilies
over the rig. another rod was fished just off the baited area and a third rod as a roaming rod.

The very next morning I was into my first carp on the syndicate, a 23lb 4oz mirror from the baited spot. That was followed up the following week with another mirror of 17lb 10oz, but that same
morning I hooked into something a LOT bigger an hour after recasting to the baited spot. The fish swirled on the surface under the branches of a tree as I fought to keep it from getting snagged. I
walked backwards a few steps and managed to tow the fish free and into open water then almost straight away the line parted, most likely damaged by the zebra mussles that proliferate the lake. I
was naturally rather upset but these things happen.

Again, the following week a blank was saved by a 12lb 4oz mirror and it was again from the baited spot. I had seen a swirl under the surface that morning though just beyond a bank of weed in the
near margin so made a mental not of that for the next trip.

Fast forward to one week later and on arrival I had a feel around with a bare lead just the other side of the marginal band of weed and found it to be lovely and firm. I donned the waders and walked down the margin a bit so I could hurl a few scoops of the mashed and infused boilies just along the edge of the weed then once back on the bank, flicked a multirig the 5 rod lengths out to the spot armed with a 15mm supafruit pop up. The other rod went out to the main baited spot and the roaming rod, just off the baited area. A mirror of 13lb 10oz fell to the main baited spot but on the way in, it picked up my line that was
fished down the margin so that rod had to be redone. a couple of hours later whilst having a coffee and watching the water i saw a swirl just under the surface in the same place as before and it was just a rod length from my marginal trap. I sat for the next 20 minutes willing the alarm to signal a take and eventually it did as a 14lb 12oz mirror made its mistake.

Clearly, the bait is working and I'm thrilled to be getting regular action now but a part of me wants to move to a different area to try and pick up the bigger fish. Obviously I hooked a much bigger fish
that I then lost so they can be caught here and one of the big residents has been known to get caught in this part of the lake so I think I will sit on my hands for a few more trips and see what pans out but i might just start to introduce a bit of bait elsewhere...