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Team DT Social @ Berners Hall Fishery with Carpology

06/06/2021 - Announcements

When the opportunity to fish a 48 hour social at Berners hall fishery was presented to the team by DT Baits boss and all round top man Fenton, I was the first to sign up. The agenda was to get some of the team together to film some product based footage with Carpology magazine and hopefully land some great fish along the way too. Coming out last in the draw mattered not because I elected to fish at the furthest end of the lake with good friend and fellow team mate Dan who drew 4th. We both naturally gravitate to corners of lakes in our fishing so this was to be no different. We had assessed the situation and all of the angling pressure was in the main part of the lake so it was the obvious choice for us. The swims directly opposite us were devoid of anglers and we even had a spare swim between us and the rest of the team giving us that little bit more space and more importantly, much less angling pressure. We discussed tactics at length and agreed a plan of action because two heads are always better than one! Much exploration of the swims by both of us yeilded very little in the way of clear areas to present a bait but what we did agree on was that at around 40 yards was a little clearer so being on the same bait, we opted to both fish this distance and scatter bait over the area to get the fish moving around to feed.

Due to the leader ban on the venue, we had both come up with the idea of fishing naked chods but were advised against it due to the undertow being very bad so To combat the weed we tried solid bags, hinges, long hooklinks and zigs but after a biteless 24 hours we were feeling a bit down. That first day had been very warm and the majority of the shows from carp had been in the main area of the lake rather than ours but Dan and I knew that the wind was due to swing around from south westerley to north easterley which would push the wind back towards us. Already that first evening I mentioned that the carp seemed to be moving down towards us as the evening wore on.

The conditions on the second day were perfect with the wind pushing in, low pressure, overcast and rain, a very different picture from the day before. We needed to make a change and Dan bit the bullet by putting out a naked chod. That was an inspired decision as he was soon the captor of a carp and another followed not too long after. I'm no fool and quickly brought in one of my rods to make the rig change myself. Only half an hour later and a 28lb 4oz mirror lay in the folds of the net. That rod was cast straight back out whilst the first fish was still in the net and not 10 minutes later I had another mirror of 32lb 8oz to the same rod.

Action continued for the next 24 hours with several more carp landed and a couple of losses each including a mirror of around 30lb that I lost at the net. Dan had the lions share of the fish banking 7 (including three 30's) and me just 3 but we had an incredible time and so so many laughs. For a number of years now Ive wondered a mostly loneley path in angling going out and doing my own thing,  focusing on my angling steadfastly targetting the stocks and their downfall and although I have had great success, this trip has really brought back to me the joy of angling in the company of friends and sharing the euphoria of every capture with anothers.

I would say to anyone, no matter how driven you are to achieve your targets in angling, dont forget that it is supposed to be fun. Go out even just for a session or two with friends and remind yourself how important time spent with others is, now more  than ever in these tough times. 

Cheers Terry