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Short Session With High Rewards

13/04/2021 - Special Captures

Having arrived at the lake just after lunch time I was surprised to see it was a lot quieter then I’d expected. I decided a quick lap was in order in the hope I’d find some signs to go off of.
While on my trot round I bumped into the last two anglers left on the lake. It seemed they were going to be leaving shortly. While having a chat with them they kindly revealed a few areas that had done bites. It had been a busy weekend on there but it seemed that a number of people at least still managed to bank a few fish.
I left them to continue to pack down and by the time I’d finished my walk and loaded up my barrow I found I had the lake to myself, a rare thing on any busy day ticket especially at the moment.
It was about then that I spotted a possible show at range.

I stopped in my tracks and sat myself down, my eyes fixed on the open expanse of water in front of me. It wasn’t long before I saw two further shows in an area slightly to my right at just over 100 yards. I figured the next swim up to my right would be slightly more favourable for reaching the area where I’d seen the activity. Curious as to what was out there I grabbed a rod and using a bare lead I cast it out just as another fish showed. I managed to land the lead in wake of the last show. The lead cracked down and the pull back was smooth. Happy I could present nicely on this I set about putting my plan in action.
A stiff northerly below from behind me and the rigs sailed out perfectly all landing with a satisfying thud.  With a Wafter on the right rod, a hinge on the middle rod and solid bag on the left rod, all that was left to do was bait up. Six spombs of maggots drenched in the Supa Fruit bait spray and whole and broken boilies. My mix consisted of the limited edition pink Supa Fruit, and N-Blend soaked in the matching DNA liquids. To that I added about 30 scattered baits from the throwing stick.

It didn’t take long for the Liners to start and I knew a bite would follow.
Within the hour the middle rod on the hinge rig armed with a yellow supa fruit pop up pulled up tight.
Disaster struck and it wasn’t to be, with the fish under the rod tip the hook pulled. The mass of weed that was gathered up around it no doubt didn’t help matters.
Undeterred and baying for revenge a fresh rig was placed back on the spot.

What happened next was mad.
Having sunk the line from my last cast I placed the rods back on the alarm and bank stick, slackened off the line slightly and clipped the bobbin on. My bobbin instantly became animated... was that a liner or just the line settling? I walked away from the rod and sat down on my bed to contemplate the fish I’d lost over a brew.
Out of nowhere the bobbin slammed into the blank again! I hit the rod and battle commenced. Thankfully there was no repeat of the earlier incident and a beautiful big scaly linea lay in the net!
I left her to rest up after the effort she’s made to a avoid capture. This gave me a chance to get the rod sorted and back on the spot. I couldn’t help but feel there were more bites to be had. 
Two more spombs over the top and a few more baits out the throwing stick, and we were back in business.
A short time later my good mate James came down to do congratulate me and take some pictures.
We weighed her just prior and scale registered a very healthy 31lbs 12oz.

Having sent her on her way it was time for a celebratory brew. The carp had other ideas and the rod was away again. After a short battle I had my second fish of the session this time a mid twenty of 25lbs 8oz.
James got some shots of the second fish for me before I got the rod back out. He headed home a short while after that leaving me to settle in for the night expectant of more action.
The temperatures soon plummeted, the net and sling freezing solid. There was ice glistening off the brolly in the moonlight and a hard frost had taken hold.
Needless to say no action came, and the night passed quietly. As dawn broke the fish slowly started to show signs of movement. Although the weather showed no signs of playing ball. It was while I sat watching the snow start to fall a liner rang out from my alarm, before the bobbin pulled up. The lake had one more gift for me that session another beautful scaly character.
Just proves the right location and a little and often approach with a top quality bait can do serious damage.

Andrew Grenfell