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Making the Best Quality Boilies

22/01/2019 - Bait Articles

With a few ingredients like Soya flour, Semolina, Maize flour, and a dash of flavour, anyone can make a boilie. It'll roll, and it will catch fish in the right circumstances (largely if the fish are over-stocked and starving, and there is little other food on offer). Like giving a human a bread and water diet, the fish might live, but they aren't getting all of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbs that they need to grow, and stay healthy.

Now, these ingredients are a form of food, they're cheap, and are necessary in the extruding, rolling and boiling process that boilies are produced by. The more of these ingredients a bait company puts in to a bait, the cheaper it will be to produce, and the more profitable it is to sell.

But let's consider the situation in the UK: highly pressured waters, with a lot of bait being put in day in, day out. In this situation, feeding becomes competitive amongst carp as they want to expend the least amount of energy for the maximum payback, so the bigger carp will be drawn to, and try to monopolise the best sources of food.

Add to this the fact that (and we know this from our relationship with Sparsholt College) carp can actually detect the nutrient profile and quality of a bait without even eating it, then catching the biggest carp requires the best quality bait. As one Professor put it: "Big fish are big for a reason - they're better at seeking out what's good for them".

With this in mind, at DT, we use the best ingredients to ensure it's not any old bait, but the very best on the market.

Listed below are some of the ingredients we use - it's the quality and quantity of these ingredients that encourage carp to rely on our baits as food source in preference to inferior baits.

Fishmeal: Ours has an extremely high protein content as it's made from the flesh, as opposed to the lower grades which use offcuts like fins and gills.

Haiths Robin Red: Gives the bait the spicy taste that carp absolutely love. There are many cheaper versions, but we use Haithes which is the original and most expensive, but still the best by far.

Green Lipped Mussel: Harvested from the cold waters around New Zealand, this is extremely fine and supercharged with free amino acids - one of the key triggers carp look for in selecting food.

Tiger Nut Meal: It's sweet, it's crunchy and carp everywhere in the world love it. We use this in to our N-Blend range which is absolutelty packed full of it. And because we have a unique three roller machine, we are able process the high level of particles in this meal to produce perfect boilies. Two roller machines couldn't handle anything other than a fine powder.

Blood meal: This is unusual in the bait industry as not every company has the relevant DEFRA certificate to handle it. It's high in iron, and vitamin B12 which are both important to a carp’s metabolism.

Creatine: A really exciting ingredient. This is an organic acid which directly boosts the supply of energy to the carp’s muscles. Once consumed, Carp will become very energetic and responsive - they absolutely love this stuff. It's very expensive, but it's also very, very effective.

Brocacel: A yeast extract - very high in protein, and containing complete amino acid groups... It helps immunity, boosts appetite, growth and aids digestion.

Kola Nut extract: Extracted from the South American Kola nut, it's very high in caffeine - even higher than a coffee bean, and being very high in stimulants, can become addictive to carp.

Crunchy Kelp Meal: Very salty, this ingredient smells like you're walking along the sea front! It gives texture to the bait, and provides the carp minerals, Vitamin B12 and trace elements.

Keramine Powder: Another very exciting product - a new feed inducing stimulant, and very high in digestible amino acids.

Whey Powder: Carp absolutely love this stuff. It's very high in protein which is why it’s used by body builders - it gives a lovely creamy sweet taste to the bait.

Milk B+: A powdered flavour and a classic fish attractor - it contains diacetyl which is a highly detectable acid, and Vanolin which gives a bait a lovely creamy, vanilla smell.

Calf Milk: Now this is really interesting. This powder contains many of the vitamins carp need to live healthily: Vitamins A, D, E, Iron, Zinc and Selenium - the latter being very hard for carp to source in their natural environment. It provides growth and immunity and is in turn very attractive to carp.

Caseins: Very expensive milk derivatives, but definitely worth every penny. The milk fractions in this ingredient have protein levels in excess of 90% and so are highly nutritious and attractive to carp.

Liquid Foods: Here are just some of the liquid ingredients we use... Hydrolysed fish extract, Liquid liver extract, Liquid oyster extract, human food grade Red Salmon oil, Enzyme treated yeast extract, Tiger nut extract and Krill protein hydrolysate.

Flavours: Then of course, there's the range of DT flavours - all from the human food industry and jealously guarded, unique sources. They are incredibly potent and extremely expensive, but then, they have all been proven as brilliant attractants.

So, these are some of the ingredients that make the difference between a boilies and DT Baits boilie. And this is what makes the difference on the bank side. As they say, "You gets what you pays for" and in carp fishing where we all spend a fortune on kit, it's worth reflecting on the quality of what goes on the business end.

In this video, we cover what seperates a quality boilie from a simple boilie with an explanation of some of the specialist bait making ingredients used in the production of our baits.