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Hows your luck?

26/05/2022 - Bait Articles


"The force that causes things, especially good things, to happen to you by chance and not as a result of your own
efforts or abilities" :Cambridge dictionary.
I am and always have been a firm believer that you make your own luck.
There are times when you are fishing to the best of your abilities, baiting accurately and effectively yet those bites just
don't materialise. Conversley on occasion you catch a fish so quickly into a session that you feel you probably hadn't
earned it. This is luck and it's one of the great levelers in our sport (11 year old schoolboy catches record perch...)
Its better to be lucky than good is a phrase a friend modestly said to me once after catching a few good fish. You cannot be
consistently lucky, it's good angling and whilst we can all profit from the odd rub of the green, there is a bit more to it
than good fortune.
Going back to my opening statement that you make your own luck- this luck we can earn or generate is manifested by
the culmination of many things like good watercraft, quality bait, good bait application, accurate baiting, accurate casting
and good solid rigs. All of these things are parts of the jigsaw and the more of them you get right, the better your chances and thus, you are
stacking the odds in your favour and "making your own luck"

If you can put a good quality bait with an effective rig in an area the fish are happy to feed in , you have a very good
chance of catching them.The DT baits range of baits are a time proven range that have accounted for many of the finest carp in the land
spanning back over 30 years. The proven quaility of these baits means that you can go fishing with absolute confidence in what you
are feeding the carp and that leaves you free to focus on the other things. No luck required!

Terry Bell