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DT Baits Edges series Part 1. Winter.

06/03/2021 - Tactics & Edges

We are supremely confident that anyone who purchases one of our baits from the DT range will be stacking the odds of catching their target fish in their favour.

However, in this four part series we explore some edges our team and customers have been good enough to share with us.

Peder Lichtenberg is a Danish big carp angler. He doesn’t solely fish his home turf,

choosing to take his well honed carp catching skills on the road.

He often makes multiple trips every year venturing to mainland Europe.

Whether home or aboard his results are undeniable.

Peder has been a DT baits consultant for over 20 years, and in that time he has done his due diligence when getting the best out of his chosen bait.

For the colder months Peder opts more often than not for The COLD WATER GREEN BEAST boilies along with the matching products.

Here is how Peder goes about prepping his “take anywhere” winter boilies.

‘’My process takes about three to four days, I start by taking about a kilo of the freezer baits out to thaw leaving them in the bag. You will find that after they have defrosted there will be an amount of liquid in the bottom of the bag. I regularly shake the bag making sure they take on the liquid until they have drawn it back in.

After that it's a waiting game. The result I’m looking for is the baits becoming active. They have reached this stage when they start to develop white spots.

You’d be mistaken for thinking they were starting to grow mold however that isn’t the case the baits start to leach their sugars resulting in a white sweet residue.

At this point I will add one of two liquids depending on the water temperatures at that time of the year.

If the water temperature is 5 degrees and above I will give the baits a liberal glug of the COLD WATER GREEN BEAST DNA liquid(making sure to give it a good shake to combine the active ingredients). If the water temperatures are below 5 degrees I tend to lean towards the bait spray.

Over the bed of free offerings I will usually fish a snowman rig comprising of a COLD WATER GREEN BEAST boosted hook bait topped with either a matching pop up or one of the DT Orange ZINGER pop-ups.

I have been asked why I go to the effort of doing all this? It’s very simple, this process makes the baits insanely attractive, very soluble, and they absolutely fly through the fish’s digestive tract, so they will struggle to fill themselves up. Carp can feed infrequently at this time of year the last thing you want is to fill them up before they’ve got to your hook bait. These little tweaks can be devastating on any water”.

This isn’t Peder’s only approach to winter fishing. He’s an advocate of using solid PVA bags when the situation requires it.

That being said his bag mix has a neat little trick which left us scratching our heads thinking “why didn’t i think of that”.

“When I use solid bags I like to grind down my prepared freezer baits, I’m looking for a fine consistency. I then crush a number of matching pop-ups to the same consistency and mix the two together. The combined mix is then added to the bottom of the PVA bag followed by pellets which have been soaked in COLD WATER GREEN BEAST DNA liquid.

I’d urge anyone to give this a go and drop one in the margin and watch what happens. The combination of pellet, boilies and DNA leave a very attractive parcel of food and the ground down pop-ups, because of their buoyancy, act as the transit for attraction to rise up into the water column”.

If you need proof of Peder’s success head to his Insta account there you’ll see numbers of huge fish caught from places like Rainbow, and other large french public waters, not to mention the one’s he manages to catch from the vast lakes in his native Denmark.

Some times it's the little differences and tweaks in fishing that can be the deciding factor between struggling and catching consistently.

While I’m sure some of you may well be doing similar things, for those of you that aren’t give Peder’s edges a go.

DT Baits would love to hear from you if any of the tips in this article have helped you to bag a winter carp at