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DT Baits, a new start

26/05/2022 - Announcements

DT Baits, a new start.

At the beginning of this year I was looking to change to a new bait company for the coming season. Having been with my previous one for many years, and not having much knowledge of other Companies, it was all slightly confusing. I am lucky in that a number of different firms approached me and offered me different deals, but for me a quality bait was far more important than simply a great deal. I have always believed that good baits catch more fish than others, and for my own fishing on different waters, and all year round, it was vital for me to choose carefully.

A good friend had mentioned DT to me, and I immediately knew this was a long-standing Company that had produced baits since about the time I began carp fishing. As I began to research them, I was impressed with their select range of baits, that have all stood a serious test of time. I knew of their range from early days of catching big fish from rock hard lakes such as Yateley car park etc. I liked this, as I consider myself a big fish angler, and I liked that the baits had been doing it for so long, without the need to constantly bring out new ones.

I spoke with Fenton, the owner and again liked his passion for the company and his desire to provide great quality and service. He kindly sent me samples of the 6 baits in the range, and I was immediately impressed with the quality of the rolling, the make-up of all the baits and even the packaging was superb. I showed these samples to a friend with a good bait knowledge acquired over many years, and he said was I already knew, that they were all excellent. To be fair I knew then that I would happily fish with any of them.

I took a drive up to Essex to meet Fenton and his team in person, as well as having a look round the Unit there. I really enjoyed that, and again the professionalism and cleanliness of it all was awesome. That visit alone made my mind up that DT was the way forward, and the following week I was lucky enough to became part of the team.

I suppose anyone starting something new after so long would feel a certain amount of pressure, and in all honesty, I did. It was early February, not the ideal time to be looking at easy results on tricky lakes in poor winter conditions, but I knew if I was going struggle it would be more location of fish than bait. I started out on the Cold Water Green Beast, an out and out winter bait that has been regarded as one if not the best cold-water baits for years. I knew it was going to work, and I loved the soft make up of it and unique flavour, that I would give off maximum attraction whilst slowly breaking down in low temperatures. I took it first to a lake which hasn’t got a lot of winter form, as it is often flooded during the months of December to March. First day, on flicking out a pink wafter against one of the snags trees I had a ripping take and landed a stunning 20 lb plus linear, and soon followed that up with a small stockie. I was off and running, and returned the following week to catch another decent mirror.

As we came into March, with spring approaching, I began to think about what bait I wanted to use for the following warmer months. I’ve always preferred fishmeals at this time of year, and it was a difficult choice between the fish blood and orange, or peach and sour cream, they both looked fantastic. However, every now and then I’d grab a handful of the N Blend nut bait sample Fenton had sent me, crumble it up in my fingers and imagine using that, it was so good. I’ve never used a nut-based bait before, and it was so tempting. In the end I went for the pukka fish mix peach and sour cream, I loved the smell, coupled with the brown/orangey coloured base that spelt big carp to me.

With the coarse nature of the base I knew it would take on any liquid boosters I wanted to use, something that I consider a big edge in higher water temperatures. I had used the Green Beast DNA liquid in the winter, and really liked it, so I began to glug up the fishmeal with the fish pro DNA liquid some 48 hours before going fishing. I would add a few squirts to a bag of frozen boilies and just keep shaking it up over a couple of days. This too was a testament to the base mix ingredients as by the time I got to the lake the liquid had virtually all gone in, the individual boilies had a glaze on them and were oozing attraction. I took this bait to a local pressured club lake, and in three single overnight sessions I had 3 fish, to 34 lbs.

At the end of March I had a three night trip booked to the stunning Churn Pool in the Cotswolds, and I knew this would be a good test for the bait. Again this water sees a lot of pressure, but to be honest by now I had the confidence that if I could put it in front of a fish I would catch! I took the peach and sour cream, and within half an hour of casting out I had a 35 lb mirror on the bank. I followed this up with two more fish that trip, and my confidence going forward was sky high! I had taken DT baits to three different venues in the month of March and caught on all three, on two different baits. That alone was testament to baits, and as I use a select few rigs, I felt that this summer was all about location of fish now, my bait and rigs were sorted.

As I write this now I’ve had four trips to my syndicate lake, and have fished in different swims each time. I’ve had 6 fish without a blank, the best being a 31 mirror. Things look really good for the coming summer.

Rick Golder