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DT and CAA

08/07/2018 - Bait Articles

DT are proud of their long association with, and support of CAA.
With 14 Lakes and miles and miles of river fishing, Chelmsford Angling Association offer quite simply some of the best fishing in Essex
There are runs waters, and specimen lakes with carp running in to the high 40's. The season ticket is incredible value.
We believe it is our responsibility to encourage youngsters in to carp angling, and over the years DT and CAA have joined forces to support junior carp anglers, with DT sponsoring the events and providing attractive bundles as prizes for the first, second and third placed winners.

We have also worked together to enable CAA members to benefit from the association, so CAA members can get preferential prices from DT bait - accessed through the members website as a code.....just phone DT, or call in to our factory at Little Braxted Hall (beside the Braxted Front lake) with your order and give us the discount code, and you will enjoy the discounted price.

We also join forces to raise money for our joint charity - Essex Are Ambulance, and support Carp Talk nights, as well as the adult carp matches.
Some of the stunning CAA waters, and their fish:

Boreham Mere

Braxted Back Lake

Braxted Reservoir

Cants Mere

Jim Chisnall - Cants Mere

Kieran Stokes - Wick Mere

Tufnell Mere

Wick Mere