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Andrew Murray joins DT Bait Developments as a consultant

27/03/2021 - Announcements

Up to 1987,  I had spent my fishing life in the pursuit of species of various fish at different times, then I caught my first carp, by today’s standards just a scamp, but still my first carp. Moving on through the next 15 years or so, throughout which I continued to pursue carp, and learn my craft, fishing several waters chasing more and bigger carp, both in England and abroad. 

I also fished and learned from others who I classed as much better at catching carp than I was. I had quite a run in the ‘carp game’ then. Keith and I won first ever BCAC in 1999 at Horseshoe Lake. The following year I had my first book published (Catch Carp with Andy Murray). In 2001 Mitch and I won the European Carp Challenge at Fishabil, where we set two world records at that time. I had many articles published in Carp talk, Crafty Carper and other carp magazines for a number of years, I also travelled the UK and Europe over the winter doing talks and shows. Its hard to keep going at that pace for a long time though…


Moving on some 20 years or so, my passion for carp fishing is stronger than ever now, I fish regularly both at home and abroad, constantly looking for new places to fish. Although I would say I am nothing like as competitive as I was, I still love being out by the water and working out what it takes to put a carp on the bank, regardless of its size. I enjoy travelling and meeting other anglers, like most, I have missed the fishing shows. 

In recent years I started writing again and I was not looking to becoming involved heavily in the fishing industry again, it just sort of just happened after a few conversations with different folk. It’s funny how one thing leads to another though isn’t it?

Which brings us on to bait…I first used DT baits in 1989 or so, when our local tackle shop, Erics Angling Centre in Leeds started stocking it, I remember the Oily Chicken so well. So, I was interested in having a meeting with Fenton and Neil and seeing how things were. Having spent some time at the factory, talking bait, fishing and generally putting the world to rights. The upshot was that I was asked to join the team, which I am really excited about. I am really looking forward to working with and meeting everyone in due course, as well as being involved in helping with the promotion and the growth of D.T Baits where I can and in any way I can. 

Catch you all later.