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A tale of three PBs.

20/09/2021 - Special Captures

Dave Atkiss run a group created for armed forces veteran’s and active personnel alike.
Their aim is to help, support and share their fishing with like-minded people.
Fishing has and always will be the great leveler, and its benefits have been well recognised and documented, especially in more recent years to help with stress, emotional issues and an array of mental health related problems.
Things our wonderful armed service personnel can be hugely affected by. 

At DT we think it’s a brilliant initiative and a worthwhile cause, and we are proud to sponsor the group

Dave got in contact with us recently after a very fruitful trip to the brilliant Furzebray lakes in South Molton, Devon.

Here’s what he had to say.

“So after arriving at Furzebray Carp Lake's Island Pool and having my rods on the spots from roughly 14:00 on Saturday till 15:00 on Sunday without any joy, I reeled in to watch the Euros Final with the lads on the trip. After waking up at roughly 08:30 the next morning with a bit of a sore head, I decided to change my rigs and baiting approach. Following the change at 00:30 my centre rod melted off with a one toner, after a spirited battle and managing to take out my right-hand rod with some drama under the rod tip close in and with the aid of Jay White on netting duty, my new pb graced the net at 32lb 7oz and a beautiful common, known as The Mint Common. With only 6 commons in the lake and this one being the second largest, it felt like even more of an accomplishment. She was caught on a Supa Fruits wafter over a bed of Fish Blood and Orange boilies and pellets with matching DNA liquid. Since switching to exclusively using DT I have had 2 pb's in as many sessions, my confidence was running high. Little did I know just what was in store.

So after my first 30lb common (The Mint Common) I was now bursting with confidence. I knew that what I was doing was all spot on. So, I reset rods and put the middle rod back on exactly the same spot where I had the previous run from and then at 01:30 the middle rod ripped off again and this fish gave me a strange battle through big clumps of weed. I had amassed a huge amount of the green stuff, which made getting her in the net a real nightmare.

Eventually, the net cord was slipped underneath her and fish number 2 graced the net. She had a really gnarly spawning wound on her underside, so we did 2 quick photos of each side of her and slipped her back after treating her with antiseptic and propolis to save any more stress to her.
She went 28lb 5oz and was a new mirror pb after smashing my previous one of 15lb 3oz. She was caught over a bed of N-Blend boilies, pellets with matching DNA liquid.
I still had time for another bite, and what came next has still left me in disbelief.

Early on in my trip to Furzebray I had noticed a really 'carpy' bay to the left of my swim which I trickled bait in sporadically during the course of the week whilst keeping an eye out for any carp movements in there, on the fourth day after noticing ducks diving on one of the spots I thought that the bait was getting taken by the ducks before the carp had even got a look in, but this was not the case as during the afternoon I caught sight of an orange tail poking out the water by the cabbages and taking my free offerings confidently.

Now it was time to plan my attack! The following morning I got myself into my waders and armed with my landing net pole I climbed down into the 2 feet of water by the cabbages and began prodding around for a hard spot and after 2 minutes it had been located. So, I rested the landing net pole on the cabbages with the tip directly above the spot, next I loaded my baiting pole with my mix of
N -Blend boilies, pellets and matching DNA liquid along with my Supa Fruit wafter on a slip d rig, then carefully got it all out on the spot. The next morning at 03:30 my rod ripped off and after a surprisingly normal battle considering the size of the fish that ended up over the cord I had my 3rd fish and a 3rd PB of the trip which is now my current UK pb at 36lb 9oz.

This fish meant so much to me as it proved that my angling has come on 10-fold in the last year and that my patients to not drop a rig in earlier had paid off. Apart from that, she was an A Team member known as 'Star' and is an unbelievably stunning fish in the flesh and usually 40lb+ pre spawning!!

Massive credit to Jack Hughes for the amazing pictures”

Well, what is there left to say other than a monumental well done and congratulations to Dave on a red letter session and one he’ll never forget.
Proof that good angling, belief in your tactics and some of the best bait on the market can see your dream captures become a reality.